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Going Away?

Let Your Pet Stay!

Want to go for a Walk?
Pet Sitting in the Comfort of Your Home
or Vacation Rental
No Stress for you and your pet! 
We'll be there for your pet when you can't be!
Feeding, walking, and playing!
Medications given including insulin
Pet Pictures texted to you while you're away
Don't put your pet in a kennel!
The hardest part about going on vacation is leaving your pets behind.  Putting them in an unfamiliar environment like a kennel can be traumatizing.
We provide overnight pet care in the comfort of your home or your vacation rental.  We don't just feed and walk your pet, we give them the love and affection they deserve while you're away.
Gary Cooper & Ronnie Spinks

"Elton (Good Neighbor Concierge & Errand Service) has been our dog sitter for our 3 miniature dachshunds four times now. We have total trust in him, which allows us to more thoroughly enjoy our vacations knowing our dogs are very well taken care of. He walks them 3 times a day, ensures our female dog has her medication twice a day and feeds them twice a day. He also feeds our beta fish and waters our houseplants. He leaves our house incredibly clean when we return home. He also sends us pics of the dogs while we are gone. He is very responsible and thoughtful. Elton does walk on water!"

Donna & Jackie

"We needed someone to house sit and take care of our cat while we were away. Enter Good Neighbor. Our cat needs insulin twice a day, frequent snacks, his litter box changed, and affection. Enter Elton! We can't praise Elton enough! Our cat was well loved, not just cared for. Elton sent us photos of Gizmo and we were jealous that he seemed happier with him than with us! Our mail was collected, plants watered, and we arrived home to a house that was cleaner than when we left! You will never have to worry about a thing if you entrust Good Neighbor to do the job!"

Jessica McClanahan

"Elton is one of very few trusted caretakers for my pug, Dougie! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm extremely choosy and often anxious when it comes to leaving my furbaby in someone else's care. However my mind is at complete ease when Dougie is with Elton, who takes wonderful, responsible, thoughtful care of him. I receive cute notes and picture updates and am able to enjoy my travels knowing my dog is in such great hands. I'm infinitely grateful to Elton and highly recommend him for pet care needs!"

Hank Janowsky & Andy Rahorcsak

"We can't speak highly enough about Good Neighbor Concierge and Errand Service. Elton is a gem -- he immediately made our two cocker spaniels, Cocoa and Cowboy, feel at ease. What a comfort it was to be away from home for over a week's time and know that our pups were cared for so completely -- special meals, regular walks and hikes, home-made treats, and belly rubs, to boot. We were quite hesitant to have someone stay in our home with the pups as this was a first for us, but what a relief it was receiving daily emails with updates and photos of our contented pups. The nurturing care our pups received was evident upon our return -- so much so that we have already engaged their services in the future!"

Claudia & David Tuckey

"We have used Elton's pet sitting services numerous times and have been very satisfied every time. He is a caring and loving caretaker, attending to every detail. We trust him completely with our Oliver. While we are gone he sends pictures every day and updates us on Ollie's activities. Elton handles every aspect of your pet's care including special diets and medications if needed.  The house is spotless when we return and it seems like Ollie really didn't miss us much. So much better than a kennel!"

Maureen Cronin & Pete Graham

"Your concierge services are so important to us.  We can travel and know that you are on board at our home and that you love our Maine Coon, Zaza.  
She gets so much good attention.  We also know when we come home everything will be in order and that you can even do a bit of shopping the day of our return to make sure we have coffee and eggs for breakfast the next day. 
Your creativity in the area of understanding our needs before we express them is such a gift to us.  
Many Thanks for being there."

Brian & Andrea Mathies

"We hired Elton to take care of our furbaby over the weekend while we attended a family funeral. We were torn between leaving our little Toni in a kennel that we use for daycare or try Good Neighbor Concierge. Our hearts went with Elton. We hear such positive and great feedback about Elton from other satisfied clients that we knew he was the right choice. Elton is the best sitter ever!" 

Linda & Mike Segreto

Elton is the best. He connected with our puppy immediately, which put us
at ease. His suggestion to have us all leave the house together, then he and Miss Bojangles continue on for a walk, worked beautifully to avoid any separation issues. He even texted us a picture of our calm, sleeping puppy, which added to the enjoyment of our dinner. Elton ended the evening with bakery doggie treats---so thoughtful!
We highly recommend him, and will absolutely request his help the next time we're in P'town.

 Gregg Simmons

"Elton, thank you so very much. Knowing that our dog, Charlotte, was being kept company in our rental while we enjoyed Provincetown evenings was a great relief. For an elderly dog with separation anxiety it's important to make them feel cared for. You made Charlotte feel relaxed and enabled us to truly have a vacation. Again, Thank You so very much!" 


Heather Thurston

I am a nut when it comes to my dog, I usually don't trust anyone to watch him but I was having my wedding in Truro and needed to hire someone to take care of him for the day.  I stumbled upon Good Neighbor and read their rave reviews and as soon as I met Elton, I felt very at ease!  Elton was very accommodating and sent me picture updates and frequently checked in with how my dog was doing.  He is so nice and professional and when I came back my dog seemed so happy and that he was well taken care of.  I can't recommend Elton enough!!

Ron Boyles &
Dr. Nancy Boyles

Our Pomeranian Chloe LOVES Elton! She does her happy dance whenever she sees him, yipping and showing off to get his attention. Dogs just know when someone likes them, and Elton’s affection for furry friends is immediately apparent! Elton has cared for Chloe multiple times. She’s not the easiest pup to manage (a busy, active girl), but we never worry when Elton is in charge. In addition to the basics—timely feeding and walking, there’s also plenty of playing and cuddling. And did I mention that my house is pristine when I return? With Elton, dog sitting includes serious tidying up. Now what could be better than coming home to a happy, well cared-for pet and a spic-and-span house?

Jane Barber

I have a senior dog named Molly. Whenever my spouse Linda and I go out of town we always use Elton.  It is very hard for us to leave Molly but our confidence in Elton makes it possible. He cares for her as if she were his own. When we return we find a calm and happy Molly.  

Larissa & Sergio Callahan


Hello, I wanted to reach out and tell you how happy my partner and I were with Elton's service.  We were in a bind after we made dinner plans and needed a place for our 7-month old puppy to stay.  Elton was extremely communicative and we felt very comfortable leaving our pup with him.  We were able to enjoy our evening in peace knowing that Kai was in great hands, and he even kept in touch through text and pictures!  I would definitely use his services again when we're in town, and would recommend him to anyone traveling to P-Town! 

Blossom .PNG
Lee and Bob Perryman

Elton Cutler is our dog Blossom’s pet sitter. We couldn’t be more pleased with the kind, loving and meticulous care he has given her. This gives us peace of mind when we travel knowing that she is in good hands.

Elton comes during his lunch hour to see her and stays overnight. We left a list of what her needs were and he was just perfect. He took her to the beach and exercised her daily. Then he sent pictures of her as well with a list of all she had done.

When we returned, our house was immaculate!  I think it was even cleaner than when I left it!

Elton goes above and beyond to make sure Blossom has the best care!

Jack Hudson

I called on Elton Cutler at Good Neighbor numerous times this summer and his impeccable customer service only got better with each visit.  Although my situation wasn’t vacation related, being overly comfortable about who was caring for my dog was of utmost importance.  As stressful as my medical situation was, knowing Elton was there to take care of my dog was one critical stressor that was easily handled.  There were times I was leaving town and didn’t know when I’d be back ... and Elton accommodated that.  Even more compelling, my dog adores Elton!

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